We are now in the lead up to one of the ‘Western’ world’s biggest floral holiday occasions, Valentine’s Day.

February 14th is the most significant and hectic day on a florist’s calendar.

While Mother’s Day accounts for the greatest number of flowers sold on any single holiday, Valentine’s Day brings higher cash-register receipts, with consumers typically willing to spend more on a single flower or bouquet.

This year ‘the day of love’ lands on a Tuesday which means flower retailers have a massive advantage when it comes to getting their orders out compared to last year’s Sunday date.

One of the biggest successes this year will be that flower recipients can receive flowers in their office or place of work.

When someone receives a nice bouquet of flowers at work, the minute they get them it’s got nothing to do with the flowers. The attention they receive from everybody else in that office, or wherever, is the way to impress. Of course they will love the flowers, but just the fact that their co-workers are saying ‘You’re so lucky’ makes them feel special. Encourage your customers to send their loved ones flowers at work for Valentine’s Day, they won’t regret it!

With the week before Valentine’s Day being a short week due to the Waitangi public holiday UFG will be running an additional Sunday auction at both our Auckland and Wellington locations to help ease some of the pressure on the supply and demand for this holiday.

Please note that these Sunday auctions will run:


Each location will also be running their normal Monday, Wednesday, and Friday auctions throughout the week of February 13th-17th 2017.

If you have any questions about our auction schedule please contact:

Auckland - ABDUL RAHMAN arahman@ufg.co.nz
Wellington - WILFRED GEERLING wgeerling@ufg.co.nz