In what will be one of the most significant developments in the history of New Zealand’s flower industry, United Flower Growers (UFG) is acquiring the FloraMax flower auction business from Turners and Growers Fresh Limited, a subsidiary of T&G Global Limited.

As of 31 March 2017 Turners and Growers Fresh Limited will formally sell its Auckland and Christchurch flower auction business, FloraMax, to United Flower Growers Ltd. (UFG).

UFG is a joint venture owned by United Flower Auction Limited and Market Gardeners Limited (trading as MG Marketing - a co-operative and one of New Zealand’s largest produce marketers).

The purchase of the FloraMax business by UFG, New Zealand’s largest flower marketing entity, will provide the industry with the focus and investment it deserves for future growth.

UFG’s Managing Director, Bruce O’Brien, says that with this purchase, UFG’s purpose-built flower auction systems will bring about consistency and confidence to trading and processes across the whole country, to the benefit of all in the New Zealand cut-flower industry.

Bruce goes on to say “Under UFG management, we will streamline processes, encourage demand for New Zealand-grown flowers, address supplier needs and unify the sector overall. All of these things will create untapped opportunities for progress and advancement.”

UFG is looking forward to not only expanding its company culture but to all the knowledge and experience FloraMax employees will bring with them as they integrate into the new business.

The full integration of the two auction houses is expected to be complete by 31 March, 2017. From 1 April, 2017 UFG’s Auckland region operations will be run out the New Zealand Flower Trade Centre, which will assimilate Floramax’s current Auckland operation. All of UFG’s Christchurch region operations will be run out the current FloraMax auction house located in Addington from 1 April, 2017.

“This is an incredibly exciting time and we look forward to the changes. We will implement a comprehensive plan which will provide detailed communications onprocesses and training to alleviate any concerns FloraMax buyers and suppliers may have and ensure a smooth transition,” says Bruce.

Contact details for more information;

UFG PH 09 573 2300 EM