In-House Flower Auctioning

  • Each In-House auction runs on the 'Dutch Auction Method' using an electronic clock system with the aid of an auctioneer.
  • The clock descends anti-clockwise from a set start price, decreasing in price until a buyer is willing to make a bid and accept the purchase price.
  • The greatest advantage of this traditional auction system is the speed, accuracy and fairness of the sales process.
  • Fresh flowers are delivered the day before, overnight or early morning prior to the start of the auction.
  • The flowers are sold on a non-preferential basis.The flowers are sold on a non-preferential basis. This means that provided product is received prior to the auction 'cut off' time, the flowers can be sold at any time during the auction.
  • In-house auctions are available to 'Trade Only' customers of UFG who have access to a wide range of 'buying' options when using our auction systems.

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