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Frequently Asked Questions

When you are registered and become a new buyer, full training is provided (by appointment) with the running of a ‘mock auction.’ This replica auction allows you to see how the UFG clock system operates and helps build confidence for the ‘real thing’. When you attend the live auctions, we can also offer personal support that help get you started.

Our auctions are not open to the general public, nor can anyone purchase from our auction floor or ‘cloud auction’ if they are not a *registered Buyer of UFG ltd.

*a registered Buyer is a bonafide reseller of flowers, who has previously opened a trading account with our company AND meets the 'auction purchasing value criteria' which has a set, minimum purchase value per auction

If you wish to know more about our in-house or remote buying system contact us here

Absolutely! This is what our Cloud Auction program is all about and if you wish to know more on how this works please contact us here

On the rare occasions that product that remains ‘unsold’ at our auctions, Suppliers are immediately advised after the auction has been completed. Suppliers have two choices – come and collect the unsold items, or advise UFG to destroy the product.

Payment is made in 14 days by Direct Credit to your nominated account after the auction

As with any auction process, Suppliers can set a “reserve” (or minimum price) and the auctioneer will not allow any bids to fall below that preset value

While this does ensure the product won’t sell below your pre-determined price expectation, the process to setting such a reserve must be carefully considered to match current market conditions

What this means is that by setting a reserve price, you may find you have priced your product above market demand and the items simply do not sell.

If in doubt – discuss with our auction management team before setting any such reserve

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